They pick up every movement, they pick up every loser

This newsletter is telling nurses to eat hardtack and swill while I bring in COOL ARMY NURSES for FREE.

No slop for the trough this week. I’m too busy sorting through the small army running for city council in Ward 11. Calgary needs new leadership and voting is SO IMPORTANT. Everyone runs on the same platform in Calgary so I went through some materials to find out what they all believe in.

If you’d like to see how I’m sorting through the bright lights in Ward 11, look at the spreadsheet I made. Apologies to my fellow arts majors.

🧸The NEP was good, actually.

🧱Tar sands pop Chubb.

⏰Your favourite local billionaires probably park their wealth in the Bahamas to avoid taxes and will never be punished for it.

🛸If you don’t invest in education you get labour shortages, simple as that.

⛽️Mike spy with my little (five) eye something that is Mike.


✂️Canada is a mosaic of mining companies that lube the gears of profit with foreign blood.

☢️Never trust a computer.

🆙Cool magazine hates being cool.

➕Just do the dumb coin.

🪒A relationship between American carceral systems and food labour.

📉Did you know they make visual podcasts now?

🎧Podcast crew snort a huge ideology loogie into the back of their Slovenian (Slovakian?) throats.

🔇Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who writes the worst fucking takes of all?

🎚️Alberta healthcare is bleeding out with no bandages.

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