The currency is murder, you a man of worth?

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I had a whole column written about Selma Hayek and Syriza but it seemed kind of stupid. Every time we open the earth in Canada we find the children’s bones that form the foundation of this country. I’ll give that some space to ring out for now.

🦢The whole country is fertilized with the bodies of the people we stole the land from. We should all feel like shit every day.

☔️Die for chuckwagons, peasant.

🍱A house is not a home, it is a financial instrument, and don’t let anybody convince you otherwise.

🍻Green energy to fuel all your planet-killing endeavours. We did it everybody, problem solved!

🎯Most reality TV “stars” are contractors, separate from union protection, and are subject to harassment, psychological torture, sub-standard working conditions, and poor wages.

🗺Expect to hear more stories about employers losing sympathy for long COVID patients and cutting them loose from their jobs. Perhaps a government should address this?

🛸Lucky for farm owners across North America, if you use imported or illegal immigrant labour you don’t have to worry too much about helping them not die from heat.

🐬If you call someone crazy enough times you can use the courts in California to force them to work, take their money, insert an IUD into their body, and prevent them from seeing friends and family. Normal stuff.

🐴Rising opioid poisoning deaths are due in part to pandemic policies - the lockdowns spiked drug use. Couple that with no robust response to tainted supply and you get bodies in the ground.

🦺Every socdem infrastructure project will have to pay to buy land from the Gates family forever.

👨‍🎤We can remake “welfare queens” for the pandemic decade. We have the technology.

👅Power companies aren’t very profitable so they need to turn down your air conditioning to make money off your slow-braised body.

🎃Being the first active, out player in the NFL is cool, but it will be interesting to see how the NFL and the NFLPA protect Carl Nassib from harassment in the workplace - from other players, staff, and fans.

😻This profile of James Baldwin never aired.

👽Pick the right targets.

🤏Hopefully no coup in Peru.

📉If you think that Industrial Policy is dense and hard to understand, you underestimate how simple we can make literally anything. We rule.

🎧Paris Marx on why tech companies going green still hate you.

🔇OffCourt on why the Olympics suck and how to stop them.

🦿If you’re fed up with all the Canadians dying of drug poisoning with little government intervention, maybe Moms Stop The Harm is for you. Check them out.

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