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And now, an announcement:

The Knights Templar. Freemasons. The New York Yankees. Groups that have defined epochs, changed the world, and brought joy and/or terror to millions. This week, another name joins their ranks.

We here at Alberta Advantage love only one thing as much as fighting for the left - hanging out hardcore with our comrades. That’s why we are a founding member of the Harbinger Media Network, a collective of leftist media outlets and podcasts with the sole objective of dominating our enemies.

Okay, we have some other goals too. Canadian media is pretty reactionary, so that needs a counterweight. The domestic podcast audience spends a ton of time listening to Fox News psychos and Tim Pool talking to Joe “Muscle Hannity” Rogan about how callipers should be in every drawer in the world. Shit like that. We think Canadians deserve better options than eugenicists and sex predators in their post-cancellation gig.

The Monsters of Canadian Left Podcasting have gathered under a single (union-made) roof and we’re asking for your consideration and support. Help us push our shows to new heights, create the next generation of left media, and push the agenda of a better, kinder, smarter future for Canada. They also said they’ll buy me an Acura. So check us out.

👩🏾‍⚕️Nobody wants to live in Alberta anymore because we made it an artery for money and when the money went away all we are left with is a sclerotic hell-tube.

🦕Most corporate programming, especially security programming, has no real oversight and will always be broken to track, harass, and steal from you. Governments need to mandate open source code and have an army of public programmers making sure cars aren’t programmed to prioritize some people over others in their crash avoidance automation algorithms.

🌬We always joke about conservative governments seeing subsistence programs as spoiling for recipients but they always, always prove that they really think government money makes you a leech.

🥧The key mistake we make in trying to get rail built in Alberta is that we’re not goods going to the market. If we were wheat or canola going to Edmonton markets I bet we could get a high-speed track pronto.

🏉Canada is a multicultural mosaic where you can record nurses hurling ethnic slurs at you before dying in their care.

🎲Never believe the Federal Liberals.

🎑Kind of wish Alberta doctors would form some sort of alliance or group to resist getting screwed by their employer instead of just moving away but okay whatever go off.

🧨The bosses always assume they’re immune and invincible and then always cry when they realize they live in the same world.

📌The foreman is in your house, watching you through your computer camera, and that sucks ass. Dang them to heck for making me feel bad for lawyers.

📳People shocked that Trump doesn’t pay much in taxes somehow missed the maturation of a multi-billion dollar industry ensuring people like him do just that.

🔱The unholy alliance between crystal healers and white supremacists.

🃏Minneapolis defunders wussed out.

🗿The new SCOTUS justice was part of the Brooks Brothers Riot. Many who worked to ratfuck Gore out of the White House find themselves on a bench in 2020.

🛰 Lichtenstein seems to have a government similar to that of Naboo.

🥌Crying Nazi going to jail for quite some time. A feel good story.

🎮Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse used the podium at a Calgary ring road opening to talk about how his chief botched the consultation, and emotionally spoke about how the road destroyed an area he played in as a child. Alberta Advantage applauds his action. You can watch him speak here at around the 26 minute mark.

📉The Progress Report talks with Students4Change and Black Women United organizer Yodit Tesfamicael about creating true anti-racist institutions.

🎧Left Behind talks about making the power remember who they work for.

🔇Out of Left Field talks universal basic income.

🎚️Tech Won’t Save Us talks about the hollowing out of digital ads via advertising duopoly Google and Facebook.

👢Seth Klein is digitally launching his new book with an evening of music, a reading, author Q&A, and a panel discussion with local climate emergency activists. You can RSVP here.

👜The IDC is hosting an online conference of leftist ideas to save the world. On Sunday, October 3, speakers such as Nora Loreto, James Wilt, and some jerks from something called Alberta Advantage will present their ideas on Twitch.

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Our editor is Clinton Hallahan. Newsletter subject lines are stolen from these songs.

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