Happy New Year, comrades

Happy New Year to one and all. If you subscribe to this newsletter you are already our preferred people, homo superior, so we just wanted to reach out and say - things are bad and getting worse, but at least we’re all at the last party together trying to plan the next one.

Keep an eye on our podcast feed for a fantastic interview hitting your platform of choice imminently and another episode a little less imminently.

The newsletter will start again next week because I had tough night last night going to bed at 11:45 PM and trying to kiss my wife at midnight with my night guard in and my lip balm slathered. I am sexier than any Baldwin or Affleck.

As a bonus, here are some things we’re working on for 2020:

  • Marx and barks - puppers, doggos, and eating the rich as kibble

  • How to toast perfect marshmallows on the burning boreal forests of northern Alberta

  • Anthrax fossil betting pool (death toll?)

  • Beating hypertension with the Trump diet of burgers and fascism

  • All new Kino Lefter recap podcast

  • Boris Yeltsin takedown pod with musical guests Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

  • A Twitch livestream of my nightstand book stack collecting dust and also a toothpick I keep there and use too long

  • Clinton makes Pickle Rick a Trot icon with some truly wretched argumentation

  • Using the Pythagorean theorem to confirm the height of Jason Kenney

  • Birds??

  • Cirrhosis of the liver at the ANDP convention

  • And more!

Thanks for being here, and congratulations on being more attractive than your friends.

-Clinton Hallahan, editor

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